Job Location: Your job is based in Herefordshire; but you may be also required to work at other company locations throughout the UK

Job Title: Seasonal Worker

Work Identification Card (ID card): Before you start work you will be given a personalised “bar-coded” work card containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your photograph
  • Your Payroll number
  • A barcode of your work number
  • The address of the farm.

You must carry your ID card with you at all times; you cannot start work without your ID card. When you have completed a job the barcode on your card is scanned to enable that job to be recorded against your name for pay purposes.

Work: You will only be offered work when it is available. The work is the manual harvesting of strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables or other pre and post harvest work, which involves a considerable amount of bending, walking and lifting.

Productivity Targets: The amount of work you are told you must achieve is called your productivity target. Setting productivity targets ensures that you complete a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay when you are not being supervised or watched. Productivity targets are set for each individual type of job. Productivity targets for a harvest worker are the number of kilograms of fruit for you to pick each hour, which are set on daily basis.

Normal Working Days: Subject to weather and work availability you will normally work 6 days each week.

Normal Working Day: A working day (if work is offered) would normally be no more than 8 hours. Daily start times may vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

At the beginning of the day you may only start work when your work ID card has been scanned. The timing of your last scanned tray is your finish time, when picking.

If you are engaged in other jobs you must report the finish time to your supervisor to scan your card or record it.

Remember you are only paid for the time you are officially working. You are paid from the start of work at your work place to the finish of work at your work place.

Normal Working Hours: Variable depending on the demand of the job.

Meal Breaks: Breaks are in accordance with UK employment legislation. Breaks are unpaid. It is compulsory to take these breaks.

Pay: All work is paid in accordance with UK employment legislation.

National Living Wage is £8.21 per hour.

Pay Interval: Wages are calculated daily and paid weekly one week in arrears.

Checking Your Pay: You can check your pay on a daily basis by scanning your ID card. The pay report enables you to check that your pay for that day is correct. If you find the pay is not correct, you must report it to your manager within 24 hours of the pay report being issued.

Money Deductions from Pay: As an employer we will not deduct money from your pay unless:

  • The deduction is required by law
  • It is agreed with the worker in his or her contract
  • The worker has agreed in writing in advance of the deduction
  • If there are any outstanding sums owed by you on termination of contract (e.g. holiday taken in excess of entitlement) from any monies owing to you at that time

Holiday Pay: Holidays are paid in accordance with UK employment legislation.

Holiday Booking: To book holidays with pay you must complete a holiday request form at least 7 days before you wish to have the time off and hand the form to your line manager for signing.

Overtime: Should you be required to work overtime, you will be paid in accordance with UK employment legislation.

Sickness Absence: Number of unpaid waiting days is 3 days. SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) is paid in accordance with UK employment legislation. All sickness must be recorded with the Occupational Nurse before 10 AM.

Notice to Terminate Employment: From employer – one week; from employee – two weeks.

Length of employment: Work is seasonal and the length of employment may be variable.The company aims to retain the most productive workers.

Leaving Procedure: Two weeks before you intend to leave you must inform the Seasonal Workers Liaison Officer who will assist you with filling in a leaver’s form.

You will not be allocated for work for the last 3 days before your intended leave date as the pay for these days would not be able to be calculated before your departure date.