Accommodation is available at our farm sites should you wish to use it.

Although the accommodation is adequate and conforms to all temporary housing legislation it is only temporary accommodation to live in for a short period of time whilst you are working on the farm. The accommodation is quite basic, but we do try to provide you with facilities to enable you to have a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.

There are several types of accommodation to which you may be allocated. The first type is caravans which accommodate 4 people. Caravans have toilets, showers and cooking facilities.

Secondly, there are accommodation units which accommodate 2 people; these do not have self-contained toilets and showers. The toilets and showers for these units are conveniently situated close to the accommodation in communal blocks. People living in these units will have access to communal kitchens.

Thirdly, at Brook Farm, Marden there is permanent single occupancy dormitory accommodation, similar to the accommodation units; toilets and showers are available in separate communal areas.

All accommodation types are supplied with basic cooking utensils such as a pan and a frying pan, cutlery and crockery.