Campsites in Herefordshire

Located near the villages of Marden and Brierley in the county of Herefordshire.

Herefordshire is situated in the West Midlands of England close to the border of South Wales; it is a rural county with the main industry being agriculture.

The historic city of Hereford is only 10 kilometres from the Marden campsite and 20 kilometres from the Brierley campsite. Brierley campsite is only 4 kilometres from the small town of Leominster.

The main shopping town for the Marden campsite is Hereford and for the Brierley campsite is Leominster.


Campsite in Kent

The campsite in Kent is located between the villages of Graveney and Dargate just east of the A229 main road to Ramsgate.

The campsite is in easy reach of the coastal towns of Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury. 

Kent is situated on the south east coast of England and consists of rolling hills and coastal plains and is often referred to as the Garden of England because of its beautiful countryside.

The main shopping centres for the Kent campsite are Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury. Faversham and Whitstable are approximately 10 kilometres from the campsite.

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